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1. over again; once more
2. in a different way; afresh
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Worship aNew Mission

Throughout the ages and in myriad places people have added their voices and the work of their hands to the chorus of people worshipping God. Like rain on a river, much of this worship has disappeared from view. Some of it bubbles up to the surface again to be revisited, reused or just remembered. But mostly, its significance is swallowed up by time and place.

Of course God never loses sight of our worship. Even though it might seem small in relation to time-tested, professionally crafted or published expressions, it pleases God. Whatever the origin, the pleasure is increased when we share it and expand on it. Some of it has been published in the past, but now, with the advent of the internet, the opportunity for amplifying worship is within everyone's reach.

There is much that has been meaningful that now languishes in a drawer or closet, or on some hard-drive. It may have fulfilled its purpose, but it remains part of a story that is worth retelling. On the internet these stories can be a witness to God's goodness, not only for many brothers and sisters in Christ, but to the world at large.

This web site invites those who have investments in worship to reach out from their own places and times to worship anew with their images, music and words. These may then serve simply as a testimony, or as inspiration for creativity in worship, or as resources for new worship service.

At the beginning of this new year, after only a few months of work, I am pleased to be able to begin making this invitation public. I hope that many will participate in a grass-roots exhibition of God's grace in our lives, sharing the images and music and words of worship.

Henry de Jong
January 2, 2011

Worship aNew Community

The breadth of worship in this world and through the ages is staggering and wonderful. No one but God can take it all in. This website hopes to gather in a few of these manifestations of God's worth.

It had to start somewhere, so the initial offerings are unavoidably limited by the focus on a single person's experience and that person's involvement with a single congregation - Jubilee Fellowship Christian Reformed Church in St.Catharines, Ontario.

Jubilee Fellowship has been a blessing to many over the quarter century of its existence, and I am proud to be able to share some of the fruits of its worship. But it is only one of many fellowships and I am sure that the creativity that flows from all of these together is more wonderful than any could imagine.

I look forward to the testimony of the many who are witnesses to God's grace.

Worship aNew About

This website and the domain names '' and '', were held in trust by Henry J. de Jong. Henry lives in St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada. He can be reached by anyone who knows his email address or phone number, or by commenting on any of the pages where Simple Comments are active. Comments are not automatically published and can be used to initiate private correspondence.

The goal of this website is to encourage the sharing of local and personal expressions of worship by Christians from many denominations and places. Through this we can

  • celebrate the diversity of worship and the worth of the God who inspires it,
  • acknowledge and encourage the creative efforts of worshipping people,
  • facilitate the creativity of those looking for inspiration, ideas and resources in their desire to worship.

About: Newmaker Notes - writings, photos and collections - by Henry J. de Jong. Newmaker is the spirit that drives a lifetime of creativity, and is a reflection of the Creator who continues to make all things new.

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