Objects of Affection
Photo Exhibition

See Invitation for
further details

Photographer: Henry de Jong

Exhibition: 18 canvas prints
ranging in size from 8"x12" - 24"x36"

Time: Wednesday, December 28, 2016
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Location: Jubilee Fellowship Church
13 Wilholme Drive,
St. Catharines, Ontario

In Memory of: Stiny de Jong
(Dec 31, 1934 - Sep 16, 2016)




Terschelling: A Place in the Heart




























The Daily Caption

Morning to Dance

deep when morning comes,
thrown off by dancers
in the gathering sun.

(from one of the "Objects of Affection")

cap-tion: late Middle English (in the sense 'seizing, capture'):
from Latin caption-, from capere 'take, seize.'

It is said: "A picture is worth a thousand words" and "Let the picture speak for itself." But I have found that the captions I give to pictures are what sets them apart from a deluge of wordless images in albums and on the web. Vacation/travel pictures clearly benefit from my narratives, but perhaps the more abstract, artistic images in this collection stand apart and above, and could easily be trivialized by prosaic details.

Nevertheless, I was irresistibly drawn to making captions for each portrait. The process of taking the picture is often inscrutable, involving gut feelings and much trial and error.  So, when I had a picture that I intuitively felt to be worthy, I still had to consider its happenstance and capture its essence. How else than with words.

I hope you take my meanings . . . or find your own.

But you'll have to wait till the 28th.

Henry J. de Jong

More Captions

Casting Light

A candle's glow, unlike the sun's,
draws close, lights bright
but leaves the shadows gloam.


In the cleft between infinities,
we hold in hand
but echos
of a world whose scale
we glimpse
but cannot comprehend.


No rock
hewn large
is big enough
to quell the views
of solemn introspection.


For such as this,
so finely wrought,
let us ever seek
to glaze our lives
with care and light and thought.

On the Edge

At water's edge
the light rolls in -- and out,
and only shells remain
of life -- full bodied once
but now remote.


Take rest awhile
on rippling shores
for quiet,
hued reflection.

Light Crossing

Over the light
and the dark
runs a cleft, full depth,
crossed over
by love.