Newmaker Notes



On Wednesday, December 28, 2016, we enjoyed a successful exhibition of photographs of treasured objects from the home of Stiny de Jong, given new life - transposed, re-imagined and renewed out-of-doors in the natural settings she relished. Consider, from this juxtaposition, what it is to be at home, surrounded by simply lovely mementos, gathered from artisans and nature, that keep us connected, beyond walls, with the whole of creation, in all its array.

These photographs, by Stiny's son Henry de Jong, were created shortly after her home, lovingly crafted over many years, became an estate to be quickly dismantled and dispersed. In Killbear Provincial Park (a far away place she would have loved) and the Ball's Falls gorge (a place close to home and to her heart), objects of her affection went looking for meaning and for an enduring place in a personal cosmos.

The collection of eighteen, small to large canvas prints, along with a display of the objects and a video impression of Stiny's home was featured in an evening of fellowship with family and friends. These photographs are now online and can be seen on Flickr


About: Newmaker Notes - writings, photos and collections - by Henry J. de Jong. Newmaker is the spirit that drives a lifetime of creativity, and is a reflection of the Creator who continues to make all things new.