A Family Gathering

The 2023 Vander Laan Reunion in Stadskanaal is the center piece of our summer. Aside from renewing family ties, which we’ve done more or less every four years, this return to the Netherlands seventy years after immigration gives everyone opportunity to explore cultural roots as well.

Digging around for attractions to recommend has brought countless YouTube videos into my path. Most of them are worthwhile, but some more than others. These I set aside here, for our reference and enjoyment.

By clicking the Title link you can watch the video in it’s full context (often with some preliminary ads). Or you can open the lightbox video player and skip the ads by clicking the picture.

For more personal, background information about the places we’ll be and see, I recommend the account by Harry van der Laan, listed in the sidebar (or way below on a mobile device). Then of course there’s also “The van der Laan Venture” book which many possess and which is also available on this website.

The Battle of Groningen (1945) – The Last Major City Battle during the Liberation of the Netherlands

Tekenfilm Fraeylemaborg

Groningen Historical Background

Hunebedcentrum – promotiefilm

Waarom ligt Westerwolde eigenlijk in Oost-Groningen?

Synagogue Groningen

Stadskanaal-Veendam Museumspoorlijn STAR 27 december 2015

Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) and APERTIF

Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork

WWII, Deportation Kamp Westerbork in early 1943 in color! [AI enhanced & colorized]

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