2014 - Shut-off valve failure    This shut-off valve, isolating a bathroom from the main water supply, burst apart well over a month ater being installed. The Aqua-Dynamic brand is sold by Home Depot and distributed exclusively by John L Schultz Ltd. An inquiry to John L Shultz Ltd. received no reply. 2014- Paloma (Rheem ) servicing    This tankless water heater (PTG-53PVN), installed December 2008, suffered from occasional (annoying) ignition failures in the spring of 2014. Good phone support from Rheem helped me take things apart to the point of removing the burner so as to clean the ignition rods. All is well again. 2014- Paloma (Rheem ) servicing    I continue to be impressed by Rheem service. My six year old tankless water heater quit in the middle of a Monday morning shower. I called Rheem the same morning and by noon the next day I had a new (for free)  printed circuit board (the black box in this picture) in my hands. By mid afternoon, following detailed instructions, I had carefully disconnected all the wires, put in the new board, reconnected and reprogrammed. Now we have uninterrupted hot water again, I'm hoping for six years plus. All I paid for this repair wa $40 in duty.