Photo Exhibition     Read about this exhibition  elsewhere on the website. The Minstrel's Journey     The story of the Minstrel's Journey  can be read elsewhere on the website. The Nature of Things     An Essay on the Nature of Things  can be read elsewhere on the website. Light Crossing    Over the light and the dark runs a cleft, full depth, crossed over by love. Casting light    A candle's glow, unlike the sun's, draws close, lights bright but leaves the shadows gloam. On the Edge    At water's edge the light rolls in -- and out, and only shells remains of life -- full bodied once but now remote.
Pearls    In the ruff of nature's worth dangle pearls of mother earth. Table Dance    Simple toys from days gone by made real by whirling senses. Introspection    No rock hewn large is big enough to quell the view of solemn introspection. Autumn Fall    Too soon are gathered fallen leaves in autumn views whose splendour flees. Afloat    Colours, once hung high and in the light, now float and sink in bubbling streams beneath the leaden skies. Ornamental    The elemental forms reverberate and grace our lives with style.
Sentinel    We watch in vain who seek to find forever more than passing glory. Morning to Dance    Shadows, deep when morning comes, thrown off by dancers in the gathering sun. Echo    In the cleft between infinities, we hold in hand but echoes of a world whose scale we glimpse but cannot comprehend. Splash    A splash of vase on gray-swept land brings home a world at our command. Glazed    For such as this, so finely wrought, let us ever seek to glaze our lives with care and light and thought. A Crumpled Thought    Papered creature in papyrus reeds finds light and life beyond our dreams. (Origami by Silas Vriend)
Gathering    There is no end to gathering stones and such from light-grazed distant shores, but only a few, cupped by conscience, are needed to make the gathering sure. Rest    Take rest awhile on rippling shores for quiet, hued reflection. Vessels    In sun-rimmed silica vessels our souls find refreshment.