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The Dutch Psalmen Boekjes that my wife and I got from our parents at around the age of ten. I made this box as a teenager to lock up the power supply to the TV. There were Big Brothers then too. A binder full of music that I laboriously copied from books in the Edward Johnson Music Library at U of T. My SLRs. The Praktica I bought to use for a trek through Europe in 1974. The Minolta I bought in 1983, again to use in Europe. In 2006 I got an FZ30 digital camera. These nesting carry boxes I made  in 1987 to fit boxes of finishing nails. Now I need only a small selection to supplement the brad nailer that has replaced them. My first work vehicle, a Chev Estate Wagon, was donated to a friend for use in a demolition derby.
The wagon may be demolished, but its spirit lived on during the derby and afterwards in a second reincarnation.