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Trailer and canoe in tow    This is the only picture I have of our trailer in tow, though we've been doing it for two decades. The trailer is 4x8' by 2' deep and gets packed pretty full when we're camping with a family of five (this picture is of a non-camping trip). The canoe sits very securely on top, strapped and tied down. I have never felt comfortable with a canoe on my van roof, though I will do it for short excursions. I like being able to look in my rear view mirror to see that my canoe is still following me. The trailer and van are used for my renovation business during the year. Voyageur freight    We make no apologies for taking more gear than is absolutely necessary. But we're always open to ways to lighten the load without totally sacrificing life's little luxuries.  This Camping Gear Gallery documents the stuff that we take, could leave behind and do leave behind.  This survey is as much for our own benefit as for anyone else's. We have a checklist that we print out each time, but now these visuals too can aid the process of packing. We'd love it if you could share suggestions on what to take (or not) and how to live simply but wonderfully when canoe camping. (You  can do this on the comment facility below.) 1990 - Trailer packing I    This is our trailer twenty years ago. We were still using the duffel bags we bought for our first canoe trip. 1990 - Trailer packing II    Packing today (just for the two of us) seems a breeze compared to this. Trailer packing I    When packing the trailer, the first layer is made up of crates, buckets and other stuff that can take a bit of wetness if it rains enroute. Trailer packing II    Sleeping bags and clothing sit on top. A tarp covering the whole works is tucked against the inside of the trailer and then the trailer tarp goes over the outside.  The green pack with the Canadian flag is the one that I carried through Europe in 1983. It holds too much of our clothing.