Press F1 anytime for this aid to gallery navigation.  And consider using the interactive access features (Facebook and Comments) at the bottom of each page. March, 2010    Elevator shaft framing in advance of elevator installation September, 2010    Where that TV sits, I need to build a wall unit before Christmas December, 2010    Wall unit installed in time for Christmas September, 2010    Time  to add spice to my porch overhang . . . October, 2010    . . . with a barrel vault
March, 2011    Michael painting the entertainment center I've just installed March, 2011    This entertainment center takes up space formerly given over to a gas fireplace May, 2011    Down in the basement of a central St.Catharines home adding new framing to old June, 2011    Waste land where I've got to design a deck January, 2012    North-end basement at the framing stage January, 2012    Basement boarding
January, 2012    Insulated walls and a pile of drywall March, 2012    Central St.Catharines attic before I cleaned it up and insulated it with batts March, 2012    Creative use of a table saw to cut a slot in the end of a new bed rail January, 2012    I've been requested to extend the deck that I built years ago to meet the new hot tub March, 2012    Deck framing to meet hot tub March, 2012    Hot tub deck framing
March, 2012    Hot tub deck framing March, 2012    Home in need of a deck April, 2012    Porch roof built and posts set for new deck April, 2012    Roof shingled, lower level deck framed, and hot tub pad poured May, 2012    Deck levels framed, brick cut out for new doors, hot tub in place May, 2012    Deck framing and light tunnel for basement window
May, 2012    Deck framing and light tunnel for basement window May, 2012    Framing detail - lowest level hangs from second level May, 2012    Framing detail May, 2012    Upper level cantilevered over beam May, 2012    Light tunnel May, 2012    Deck finished, doors in, hot tub functional and house ready for siding
May, 2012    Mid May - a Before picture. Everything is still lush, unlike on the After pictures. I started work here the end of May. August, 2012    The "After" view June, 2012    Lower level and moon landing framing June, 2012    Moon landing June, 2012    Moon landing support June, 2012    June 13 - a view of phase two framing, looking over to the island on Martindale Pond.  I wouldn't be able to do much better for a location during a hot June and July.
June, 2012    Framing detail June, 2012    Phase two deck framing and porch roof completed June, 2012    Deck boards ready to go July, 2012    The dining area July, 2012    Overlooking the Martindale pond July, 2012    Side view
July, 2012    Details of porch columns and cedar soffit. Eventually soffit and deck will be stained dark to set it off from the white house, pillars and railings. July, 2012    Vinyl railing detail July, 2012    Decking detail July, 2012    Skirting detail July, 2012    Porch steps July, 2012    Porch columns
July, 2012    The front porch with cedar soffit July, 2012    The design of this three level was worked out one morning during an intense session with the owner July, 2012    Squirrel view July, 2012    The walnuts are already starting to stain the deck July, 2012    Bench by the hot tub August, 2012    The view from Main Street
July, 2012    August 9 - an After picture. August, 2012    An evening view August, 2012    Back on the other side of town, a Merriton fence is in need of some TLC September, 2012 - Porch roof added    I added this porch 'eyebrow' to the second story garage addition I did exactly ten years ago in order to keep the weather off of the three entrance doors. September, 2012    The soffit under this porch roof was bumped up to stay clear of doorways August, 2012    This basement was to be gutted, rearranged and finished
August, 2012    The view to the back of the house October, 2012    In a Welland basement renovation, this shower pan (6'x8') ready for the base pour, using steel track to get the right slope October, 2012 - shower floor base poured    The shower floor - 13 bags of sand mix  tamped, screed and finished for tiles. November, 2012 - Basement renovation finished    The new view to the back of the house. An eight inch steel beam buried on the dropped ceiling, carries the house where the wall used to be. November, 2012    The bedroom at the front, where the old recroom used to be. The open door goes to the newly placed bathroom. A boat rack built up against a retaining wall to keep a canoe and trainer off the ground
This 25' 8" W8x35 steel beam is hoisted to the level of the window so it can be pulled into the house. It weighed 900 pounds and was rolled into place over the forks of two Genies by myself and four men from Versluis. The beam was rolled through the house on two dollies, through the hall into a bedroom right to the back of the house before it could be moved back into the corridor between the temporary support walls where it had to go (replacing the old wall between living room and kitchen/dining room). The Genie Lifts had to be manhandled into the house and placed under the beam. The I beam was filled flush with wood for hanging the ceiling rafters from. A slot was cut in the (flat) roof rafters to allow the beam to 'disappear' into the ceiling. The beam was cranked into place and then supported on either end by wood framing. All in a day's work. I always have a collection of colours on paint tray liners. I try to avoid reusing (thereby spoiling) the more distinctively coloured liners (One of these is from several years ago). Just to be clear, these colours were for customers. I do admire their boldness.
This is my July, 2014 deck project. It's great to be outside again, in mostly beautiful summer weather, under the shade of a tree, working for good hosts. The piers were done by Perfect Post Hole Niagara. The framework is done and railing posts are set. Next up are some benches before laying down the decking. This is my first time building with the new Sienna pressure treated wood. The finished deck on a beautifully cool, intermittently sunny summer day. I am so pleased with the design. I love the rhythms of the railing spindles and the of bench/railing alternation. I had an idea for this deck, but no plans. All of the bench designs I found on the internet looked clunky. And with two long sides to work with I did not want the effect of pews. So I decided to alternate railing sections with benches. This is considerably more work because the transitions had to be angled horizontally and vertically.
There was a lot of cutting and fitting, also to accomodate twisting posts, but it all worked out beautifully. Forty eight feet of fence and three new gates add some more class and security (for leaping dogs) in this Port home. The gates, with rabbeted lap joints for real strength, were made by a real carpenter. The 6x6" fence posts were set into 3.5' holes dug by hand. This will all outlive me and my customers. I made this bike rack for a customer's garage a few years ago, something to keep the bike out of the way in a tight double car garage, but still handy for regular use. It sits over top of a snow blower during biking season and then hinges upwards, out of the way (while the bike hangs around with the others) during snow blowing season.