Pine trim    In older homes it is often necessary to match the existing trim, even though it is no longer available. This style is easily duplicated. Others take more ingenuity. Cedar cathedral    The effect here of the cedar trimming every window and covering two walls and the whole cathedral ceiling is simple wonderful. It's not so simple to do however, with care required not to damage the soft wood, and to combine the very variably grained boards in a way that is balanced and pleasing. Cedar crossing    The easy way out here would have been to butt the vertical boards into the horizontal ones. New door    From start to finish this door involved rough framing, hanging, door knob installion, trimming, caulking and painting. When it's all over the door should have a nice 'click' to it when shutting. New exterior door    This custom door was ordered without the frame to avoid redoing exterior siding and to minimize the step over the concrete sill. So the old frame had to be made to fit the new door. Custom windows    Two existing stained glass creations called for custom built thermo-pane windows, into which they could be set. This has been my only foray into window manufacturing.
Stained glass window    Custom thermopane window to accomodate stained glass panels Old doors & knobs    I have several customers who prefer to keep their old-fashioned hardware. Original oak trim    Walls were reconfigured in this old home trimmed again with original oak mouldings New doors    Upstairs doors, frames and trim completely renewed Crown moulding    This wall unit required me to duplicate the crown used in the kitchen