Curved bulkhead framing    Plywood is required to form this quarter circle bulkhead, which echos the round shower base below it. A double layer of quarter inch bendable drywall will finish this off. Window well    In this story-and-a-half home we found unused attic spaces when the ceiling was demolished, so I finished it off and added a window to make two end wall skylights. Gutted framework    The gutted framework is a far cry from its finished state shown in the previous picture. Wall raising    This cathedral ceiling had to be framed up in the attic before the existing ceiling was removed. So it took some care to blend the lower wall into the new wall over a span of nine feet. With 25 years of taping experience under my belt, I can be sure of getting it flat and smooth. Skylight with rounded corners    In my previous home I put in a cathedral ceiling in the bathroom too, and framed it in for a skylight. But I never did put the skylight in, so I was determined not to repeat that mistake here. The rounded corner beads pick up on the rounded-over edges of the cabinets. Ceiling and bulkhead    You don't notice ceilings unless they're bad, so good ceilings look deceptively simple. In the case of this kitchen however, one ceiling had to be framed down, and another laboriously strapped to get them flat and level. That was after installing a new wall-to-wall support beam.
Bulkhead    This basement bulkhead looming over the bottom of the staircase required some creative framing Shower bulkhead    A neo-angle bulkhead gives more definition to the shower stall Bulkhead    The finished bulkhead is geometrically intricate