Open concept oak kitchen    The ground floor (kitchen, dining & living rooms) of this classic, north-end split-level was completely opened up by installing a central, support beam. In the kitchen corner 3/8" oak flooring, on the diagonal, was blended in to the existing hardwood floors, which were then all sanded and refinished together. The cabinet doors came from Maplecraft Doors, the wood finishing was by Scholtens Balthus, and the counters were done by Empire Countertops. Everything else, including the melamine cabinets I did myself. Ikea Kitchen    Over the last fifteen years I have installed a number of Ikea and Home Depot kitchens. Kitchen corner    The kitchen in my home was a labour of love over a period of years, but the design was already settled before we moved in. These cabinets on the diagonal, around the stove, always get the most comments. P1050412 Kitchen circa 1950    This kitchen, as I found it, had been there a long time already. Except for the central metal cabinet with the glazed top, it was gone in a matter of days after taking posession. Kitchen now    The same view now, expanded because there is no wall in the way anymore. The original forties kitchen cabinet (no doubt from Eatons, judging by evidence found in the rest of the house) stayed and is still lovingly maintained. The cabinet doors are in their third home. They are all painted by roller and brush using Para melamine paint. I built the cabinets to accomodate the doors. Only on the fridge cabinet did I have to order new.
Kitchen circa 1950 Kitchen no    Knocking the wall out between the kitchen and dining room necessitated stripping the trim of the two kitchen windows and door to match the dining room windows. Kitchen    This kitchen is dominated now by beautiful cabinets and counter tops, none of which I had a hand in. But getting the kitchen ready for these features required an extraordinary amount of work. The window at the end had to be expanded and moved sideways. The window wall was completely reframed. The ceilings were levelled, the floors stripped, the beam replaced, etc. Kitchen design    Designing this kitchen was a critical step in achieving a pleasing result Kitchen neo-angle    These cabinets circle around a small two piece bathroom tucked into the corner. You can just see the bathroom door frame on the right. Reconfigured kitchen    The older, modular cabinets from this kitchen were reconfigured, filled in and finished offf with new counters