Board & batten siding    The exterior of this renovated and uplifted porch is clad with rough pine boards and battens, lovingly painted by the owner. Second story addition    As the supervisor for this major project, I worked full-time here from mid-September to its Christmas completion. This work included building the first floor addition, demolition, installing windows & doors, taping & trimming. Roof off    My father visiting the site while the roof was off Addition    The addition, set on block walls (by Gary Prinsen), is framed and the second story has been started. Balcony railings & framework    For this second story balcony I laid down a tongue & groove pine floor, clad the beams, set posts, made railings and later screened the whole thing in. Pavilion    When the call came for some sort of pavilion over this already flag-stoned and landscaped corner of a greenhouse grower's property, preferably incorporating old beams left over from an earlier demolition, the design came fairly easily (for once) and the construction proved most engaging. Except for the roofing, I did this whole thing solo.
Pavilion design    The CAD generated 3D views of this pavilion sold the concept. Cottage roof    Cottage roof framing keeps the mind sharp. Belfry    The belfry on this pavilion is not superficial. It is open from below so that I could actually hang an old bell there later when it was found. Porch    This porch, completely covering over some sinking landscape beams and pavers, is my own design and combines the richness of cedar with an elegance that surprised even me. Porch design    The CAD plans for this generated several versions before work actually began Porch roof    The openness of this roof, with its compound angles, gives it the appearance of being ready to take flight.
Fence    Shown here is the back half of a long fence on the property line, built to replace one that was falling down. Two by six caps spanning two sections each conspire to keep this fence running true over time. Garden Shed    A simple garden shed can still be made attractive by adding details like this belfry and using natural wood finishes. Dutch doors    These double dutch doors were made on site with cedar siding applied to plywood. 3D house    A helicopter fly-over of my house as it might look in ten years, with a back addition, reveals this view. Pergola    This pergola has graced our backyard for many years already. Dormer    This is the framework of the dormer that I added in my attic
Office/Washrooms    Being Dutch means being connected to greenhouse growers, and being given the opportunity to build entire structures like this 'in doors'. Porch add-on design    This porch design is still waiting for someone's ship to come in. Shed design    There's nothing out-of the ordinary about the design of this shed. Gazebo    A simple roof set on posts Barrel vault    A simple pediment porch overhang was opened up with a barrel vault