Before 1993    When St.George's Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Grimsby celebrated its 50th anniversary it commissioned four new paintings and two additions to the front of the sanctuary to hold them. This original facade was built into an existing church when the Ukrainian community settled into the Niagara Peninsula in the mid forties. It is shown here, before the additions, with one of the new paintings temporarily hung on the wall. 1993 - with right side addition    The two, matching additions were to extend from the facade along each side and had to match the existing style. I was handed the contract to construct, paint and install these additions. Besides standard trimming and cabinet making, the work involved making a plaster cast of an existing medallion and extensive cutting, shaping and fitting of layers for the upper scroll work. Each unit stands over twelve feet tall. With left side addition    The two additions also required the framing of steps to support them. Center right of main facade    Note the upper, scrolled pediment in the original facade that had to be replicated for the additions. Upper pediment scrollwork    In this picture of one of the new pediments before it was mounted, you can clearly see its five layers (painting included). I have no idea anymore how exactly I did this.