Library shelving Resource center    The biggest challenge in making melamine furniture like this is avoiding the use of visible screws. Assembly requires biscuits, glue and much clamping. Oak wall unit    The end wall of this split-level rec-room went deeper at the bottom so the base cabinets went deeper too. (I hate to waste space). The doors are from Maplecraft, everything else from my shop. Melamine wall unit    These are simple, melamine boxes with adjustable shelving, much like you might buy off the shelf at a big-box store. But they are designed to fit the available space, and provided with a custom built, white laminate counter top. Built-in cupboards under stairs    This is probably the most complicated collection of cabinets I've had to make and assemble. The doors are from MapleCraft Doors, with some modifications required to get the angles. Built-in cupboards design    My design program isn't really geared to cabinets, but I can get a good approximation.
Basement cupboards    This basement corner was fully filled by melamine cabinets faced by doors/panels from MapleCraft. Pull-out bins    Pull out shelves for the recylcing bins allow easy access and removal. Recessed bathroom storage    In small bathrooms, where there isn't much room for standard cabinets, storage units can be recessed into the wall for extra depth. This unit is made from MDF and painted. Recessed linen storage Recessed medicine cabinet Kitchen open shelves
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