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The Friendly Giant

This is a typical opening and closing to the the long running (1958-1985) children's show. In the early sixties, a bit behind the times, my family acquired a black and white TV. So as a child I watched "The Friendly Giant" on CBC. Though I have no distinct memories of this, I am possessed by an overwhelming sense of familiarity with the characters and the ambiance of the show. I'm sure it was a formative influence on the thousands of children who watched it. But it seems to have formed me more than others, for years later, in 1976, I was seriously studying the recorder with Hugh Orr in Toronto, the very one who was credited with playing the recorder behind the scenes on each episode of "The Friendly Giant". And a few years later I took up the recorder again, at the Royal Conservatory of Music, with Susan Prior, a student of Orr's who joined him in playing in Friendly's Jazz Cats recorder ensembles. Unfortunately, my eldest child never made it to TV viewing age before the "The Friendly Giant" was axed in 1985.