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Algonquin Park, Canisbay Lake

The Cansibay Lake backcountry sites can be reserved, but like the Algonquin interior canoe sites you are only guaranteed a spot - wherever. The sites are all first-come, first-served, so we had no idea what we'd end up with. Paddling up the west shore, we noticed various empty spots, but soon concluded that one of the first was the best, so we turned back and we hoped that it had not been taken in the meantime. Fortunately it was still vacant, and when we made landing we found a very nice, spacious site. Our practice of beginning camping after a weekend has served us well. On this stay from Monday to Friday the lake was quiet.

The view out is definitely better than the view in to this site and we very much enjoyed the opportunity to just sit and look. The shoreline of Canisbay Lake is rather dull by Canadian Shield standards but it is still lovely, and the large pine tree that straddles the rock framed our view with lots of Tom Thomson character. We wouldn't do this trip again, but Canisbay Lake was a good introduction to canoe camping and the thought of comfort stations within paddling distance will be as appealing to some as it was to us.