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Eye Witness

It's not unusual for people with a keen eye to write about the things that they witness. This gallery of photos and notes about a canoe trip to Canisbay Lake falls easily into the category of travelogue extolling the virtues of a destination and its experience. If our enjoyment encourages you to follow in our tracks and share in our experience then the exhibition is worth putting on.

But destination is only part of it. There are many wonderful places to visit that you and I will never lay eyes on so, for me, it is the journey and the approach to being in these places that really matters in this gallery presentation. There is very little about canoe-camping that is pre-packaged. We don't go to consume 'attractions' - we go to be and to become. Camping in the wilderness is an intimate experience and this, I hope, will be the impression that stays with you and encourages your own becoming part of the natural world.