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Eye Witness

My wife and I have long disagreed about the reading of books while camping. She sees free time during vacations as an opportunity to do something that was rarely possible during her busy life as a working homemaker. She commits to reading a whole book, a big book, when we go camping. And she always picks one for me to read.

Now, I've always loved reading too, and I can happily while away the hours with a book when there's nothing else to engage me. But the idea of travelling to a really exotic location to read a work of fiction seems strange to me. I know the arguments I'm up against: I can't get around to reading if I stay home because I always get distracted by the things that need doing. It's so nice to read a book in a beautiful setting. I've got to do something - I can't just sit there. I don't read all the time.

So, I don't harp, and I read too. But I'm always on edge, watching and waiting for the real world to turn a page and draw me in to its richly nuanced stories.