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Selected Peterson Videos and Lists

Short Videos (3-5 minutes)

Video excerpts on a variety of topics in no particular order


Medium Videos(~30 minutes)

Significant examples of Peterson's thought
        A compelling exploration of the meaning of life
        Interview with the Britain's (Chanel 4 News) Cathy Newman that galvanized Peterson's support
        Popular video


Long Videos (~2 1/2 hours)

The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories



Compiled by others
         A personal commentary on 50 medium to long Peterson videos 
Bite-sized Philosophy
        YouTube Channel with over a hundred short Peterson clips on a wide variety of topics
        A personal survey of sources in various disciplines
        On Quora, Jordan Peterson answers the question: “What are the most valuable things everyone should know?” with 40 maxims
        Questions sent in by subscribers and answered by podcast
9 Jordan Peterson Clips That Will Take You Deeper Than Gotcha Moments
        Nicole Russell's personal favourites


JBProbe YouTube Channel

Video excerpts created for a course of study


Written Reviews





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Bill C-16
White Privilege


Compiled by Henry J. de Jong
JBProbe videos created by Henry J. de Jong

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