Summer Quest Gallery

Welcome to Henry and Wendy’s
2023 European Trek.

Touch this panel to read more and click photo thumbnails below to open with descriptions.

The Newmaker quest is to find and forge stories about creation, culture and family and make them new again. In this, word and image are inseparable. Words gives us a way in. Pictures let the light through.

An Album of Photos from
Henry & Wendy’s 2023 trip to Europe
July 7 – August 24

This gallery is accompanied by a travel blog.
(link below)

You are welcome to contribute to stories in the gallery and blog by adding your comments below any page and to any of the gallery pictures (look for the comment bubble icon).

General comments or questions about
this album or subject may be left here.
Comments are also possible for each
particular photo.


2 thoughts on “Summer Quest 2023

  1. EPIC Gothic-ness. What an awesome place….really gives my the thirst to get out of North America with my camera ! 😉

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