Haliburton Highlands, Herb Lake, Site 87A

By staying close to access points for our canoe camping we’re more likely to end up mixed in with cottages. Here again though, like Wolf Lake, they bothered us not at all, and we never saw any motor boats.

Herb Lake is at the very top of the Frost Center Area, which has lots of remote sites if you care to really get away. It’s a good sized lake but not huge and there’s plenty to explore if you have the time.


Cut short

Since we’ve started this tradition we’ve always done our canoe camping during the five days that our daughter Jovita (who has Down Syndrome and lives with us) goes to Camp Shalom from a Sunday evening to a Friday afternoon. We get an early start on Monday and need to be back by 5:00 Friday afternoon. This generally means negotiating Toronto traffic during rush hour and the whole experience of packing up and getting there on time can be rather stressful. So sometimes we’ve chickened out and gone home on Thursday.

Mostly, the time frame for these trips has felt good. But one day shorter makes a big difference, and an extra day would be really nice. We do use coolers (ice) to keep our food good for a while, but beyond the third day we’d have to resort more to freeze dried food, or to go into town for staples and ice. So the four full day length is actually quite practical.

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