Newmaker Notes

My life is richly hued and deeply textured. But the light comes and goes, and the details dry out or get roiled under, and the view is often lost to a host of distractions. Sometimes it’s clear to see, the epiphany, in moments that I treasure, but more often it grows dull under the dark scudding clouds.

So, it is good to remember, and bear witness to the grace that speckles our days with wisdom and wonder. Not more than many, do I have my share. But with what I have, I commend to you whatever I can make of it — be it word or image.

Here, in this eclectic website, you will find what I love and what has sought me; family and history, nature and gardens, music and design, philosophy and theology. Now that I have reached the contemplative, penultimate phase of my life, all of these are worthy of reflection. As I reach back through a lifetime of experience and into the future that follows, I hope that my words and visions will be active and creative in this world of ours.

Henry de Jong

~ 28 Dec 2021 ~
The Nature of Things
It is now already five years since the Christmas of 2016 when we last gathered fully as family in Niagara, some three months after Stiny...
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~ 03 Nov 2021 ~
Ontario Native Plant Gardening Facebook Group Shares
The Ontario Native Plant Gardening Facebook group regularly shares links to informative and interesting articles. But only members have access, and the links are hard...
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~ 15 May 2020 ~
Young and Old Alike – AACS/ICS family conferences
For me, there’s a string of pearls stretching back from 1991 all the way to 1970. The first AACS (now ICS) August long weekend Family...
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