Pakeshkag Lake, Grundy Provincial Park, Site B6

This was an all-around beautiful spot to camp, but the feature that remains the most memorable is the river. I have always loved the rivers and creeks, ever since my first canoe trip in Algoma in 1977 and our first paddle down Pog River during our 1980 honeymoon.

The upper Pakeshkag River was a magical place as we twisted and turned past cool nooks and sunlit reflections. A narrow river like this feels more like a community – a place of harmony and well being with its shores sticking together and protecting each other and the creatures that make it their home.

Bug off

Some camping trips stand out for their plagues of mosquitoes or flies. It’s hard to know why exactly, though camping in early July doesn’t help. I can remember standing over the stove with a swarm of mosquitoes circling my head. I’ve tried to outrun and dive down from deer flies. And how many peaceful beaches haven’t been disturbed by biting flies.

In any case, this was a bad one, both for the mosquitoes and the flies. It’s best not to get aggravated – they’re just doing what comes naturally.

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