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1980 - Pog Lake    Henry and Wendy got married on August 11, 1980. The honeymoon was to be a canoe trip - crazy, perhaps, but it makes for a good story now. The bride had no experience canoe tripping, the groom but one trip. This was a first time for both of us in Algonquin Park, where we started, going south in a rented canoe, from the Portage Store. 1980 - Pog Lake    This captures the first few days of our honeymoon quite nicely - heading into the unkown through the drizzle. We only lasted a couple of nights before heading back to where there were comfort stations with hot showers. 1980 - Pog Lake    Wildlife sighting during a lunch break. 1980 - Pog Lake    After our aborted interior trip we settled into a campsite at Pog Lake and loved it. Here is a first photo that includes our new gear: the tent,  a beautiful, blue, nylon fly (which we still have, though it's quite faded and tattered), our Primus, two-burner stove, and the nesting pots and pans that are still in use 32 years later. 1980 - Pog Lake    It was here, on her honeymoon, that Wendy revealed her passion for trails. Witness the guidebook in hand. 1981 - Pog Lake    The year after our honeymoon at Pog Lake we came back with a sister and a Dutch cousin.
1981 - Pog Lake    We adapted nicely to car camping - adding a borrowed tent, some canopy poles and making good use of a cavernous car trunk for storage 1981 - Pog Lake    Nothing much changes in Algonquin Park over the years, except the quality of my pictures. I like to think this is the ancestor of a turtle I photographed many years later. 1981 - Pog Lake    I Don't know exactly where this sunset was shot. Perhaps Lake of Two Rivers during a dusk canoe jaunt. 1982 - The Pinery    I'm sure that I was itching to show my wife the Provincial Park par excellence of my youth. This was our first trip there together. 1982 - The Pinery    Not much change in equipment yet, though I do see our blue Coleman cooler here for the first time and a borrowed reclining lawn chair. 1982 - The Pinery    An ageless view of the Pinery dunes
1982 - Rondeau    In this excursion, Rondeau Provincial Park seems to have served primarily as a base for visiting Point Pelee National Park. 1982 - Rondeau    Standing for the first time at the southern-most tip of Canada, on Point Pelee 1982 - Rondeau    The Rondeau campsite did not meet our standard for 'natural environment' camping. Judging by the sleeping bag and sheet sleeping bag set out to dry, we must have had some water issues. There would be many more over the years. 1985 - The Pinery    With our first born in tow, we headed back to the Pinery for the first of many extended family vacations. Unfortunately we can find no photographic evidence of this trip. Press F1 anytime for this aid to gallery navigation.  And consider using the interactive access features (Facebook and Comments) at the bottom of each page. 1986 - MacGregor Point    MacGregor Point came next in the family camping tradition.
1986 - MacGregor Point    A good beach and a shallow lake are a source of pure pleasure for children and their parents. 1986 - MacGregor Point    At this stage of family life, provincial parks are valued for their playgrounds. 1987 - Bon Echo    Bon Echo seemed like a good choice to meet up with family living in Ottawa. By now we had two children. 1987 - Bon Echo    In this setup you can see an early view our first propane stove, the beautiful, blue Coleman cooler that we're still using, and the first of two 'kitchens' - home-made plywood box constructions conceived by a carpenter to serve his organized wife. 1987 - Bon Echo    A short trip by canoe or boat across the lake to the cliff face of Bon Echo Lake gives access to some wonderful trails and lookouts - this one across the narrows to the boat ramp. 1988 - Pog Lake    This was our first trip back to Algonquin's Pog Lake with children.
1988 - Pog Lake    With two children to accomodate now, and all the accompanying stuff, we've borrowed a larger canvas tent and a trailer to tow behind our too small Honda Civic hatchback. 1988 - Pog Lake    This experience of seeing of a moose ambling through campsites close by is one that we've never repeated. 1988 - Pog Lake    The loon, on the other hand, has been a wonderfully reliable fixture of our northern camping experiences. Until we've caught sight of a loon and heard its plaintive cry we feel somehow incomplete. 1988 - Pog Lake    From Pog Lake we would sometimes drive over to the beaches along Lake of Two Rivers for our afternoon swim. 1988 - Pog Lake    This is the view in 1988 on Mosquito Creek, off of Whitefish Lake, looking towards the old railway bridge. Since then, the railway bed, winding its way down from Mew Lake to Rock Lake, has become a wonderful bike trail, and a new bridge has been built here along-side of the old footings. 1990 - Port Burwell    Circling back to Lake Erie in our parks tour, we found ourselves in Port Burwell, a justifiably popular family camping destination.
1989 - Port Burwell    A grassy campsite can be a relief for a beleaguered mother trying to keep things clean. 1989 - Port Burwell    A Great Lake vista with stormy waters is always impressive. 1989 - Rock Point    This provinical park, the closest one to our home, served well as a week-end get-away. 1989 - Rock Point    This park was a bit scrubby back then, but I hear that it is much matured. 1990 - Port Burwell    Port Burwell was a hit, so we returned. 1990 - Port Burwell    The cousins and uncles are back at play on the sandy beaches of Port Burwell for a second summer. We've always appreciated having shade from the hot sun while sitting at the beach.
1991 - Emily    Another long week-end excuse to discover new parks brought us to Emily. 1991 - Emily    This new location provided some variation in our eco-system diet. Our family is now complete with this four month old infant snuggled in for the walk. 1991 - Emily    The by now familiar, but always varied setup of tent, table, kitchen, canopy, poles and ropes. We were still using a borrowed canvas  tent. 1991 - Pog Lake    Eleven years after our honeymoon, we returned to Pog Lake with all three children, and this time with my wife's family. 1991 - Pog Lake    Pog River is one of my favourite spots to canoe. Wendy, Opa and two kids take a trip, probably to meet up with us at the beach. This is a first shot of the canoe that we still use. 1991 - Pog Lake    Emerging from Pog River into the lake
1991 - Pog Lake    One of many trail walks led us to the brink of a this very established beaver dam. 1991 - Pog Lake    Paddling through Pog Lake with just my wife while the grandparents looked after the kids 1992 - Arrowhead    For a bit of variety we passed the Huntsville cut-off for Algonquin and  went a little ways up to Arrowhead Provincial Park 1992 - Arrowhead    The view from one of several lovely beaches on Arrowhead Lake 1992 - Arrowhead    A brother and his daughter coming out of the creek into the lake 1992 - Arrowhead    Arrowhead Park is a jumble of rocks, big and little, that just begged for climbing. The children called it 'God's playground'.
1992 - Awenda    That same vacation, we continued on from Arrowhead to Awenda to meet up with friends. 1992 - Awenda    Our equipment has been upgraded to include a new Woods tent and a fifteen by twenty foot tarp to cover our dining area. The poles were salvaged from an old canvas tent. At this stage, all five of us are still sleeping in the same tent, the youngest in a playpen. 1992 - Awenda    The playground at Awenda was state of the art. 1993 - Balsam Lake    Balsam Lake was the next stop in our extended family camping quest. 1993 - Balsam Lake    This lake, less picturesque because of cottages, was still enjoyable for swimming. 1993 - Balsam Lake    A single walled tent like this one is unreliable in the rain, and we soon took to sheltering it, as well as the dining area
1993 - Restoule    To give equal opportunity to the other side of the family we camped at Restoule, close to where the clan has cottages. 1993 - Restoule    Our hammock makes its first appearance, as does the trailer that we still use. 1993 - Restoule    The view of Restoule Lake from the top of the fire tower 1994 - The Pinery    The Pinery calls my family back again, after a nine year absence. 1994 - The Pinery    At a park like this everyone seems to just pick up where they left off, though I assume the books are different. 1994 - The Pinery    There were plenty of deer at the Pinery in those days.
1994 - The Pinery    Watching the sun set over Lake Huron 1995 - Pog Lake    Finally, after fifteen years of marriage, we were able to farm out the children and go camping with just the two of us again. Of course we returned to Pog Lake. 1995 - Pog Lake    Another makeshift fly over our tent in an attempt to keep the rain out. We had some downpours this trip. 1995 - Pog Lake    On a day trip by canoe from Pog Lake to Whitney we got caught in a downpour and had to take shelter under our canoe on this spit of land at the top of Galeairy Lake. Once the rain subsided we continued our pause with a swim. 1995 - Pog Lake    Ragged Falls, just outside of Algonquin Park, is worth a day trip. I suppose we could count this visit to Oxtongue River - Ragged Falls Provincial Park on our been-there list. 1995 - Pog Lake    The view north from the dam on Pog River on a drizzly day
1995 - Pog Lake    A rocky face on Rock Lake 1995 - Pog Lake    A small pool of fresh water lends a mirror to the light and the dark 1996 - Murphys Point    1996 marked the beginning of a trend towards nuclear family camping and further exploration of provincial parks. Murphys Point was next. 1996 - Murphys Point    This is one of the loveliest beaches we've been to. We could walk to this cove on Noble Bay from our campsite. 1996 - Murphys Point    Murphy's Point park is an interesting intersection of nature, settlements and mining. 1996 - Murphys Point    A lovely creek and bridge
1996 - Murphys Point    This deer wandering through the campsites was good enough to pause for a portrait 1996 - Murphys Point    This is the bigger beach on Hoggs Bay, and probably the last picture of Wendy in the bikini we bought on the Riviera thirteen years earlier. 1997 - Presqu'ile    A weekend excursion to Presqui'le on Lake Ontario 1997 - Presqu'ile    This massive lighthouse is the subject of our only pictures from the trip. 1997 - Silent Lake    Our family loved Silent Lake. 1997 - Silent Lake    At this stage we were still able to canoe as a family of five.
1997 - Silent Lake    Is this really part of the scenery there? 1997 - Silent Lake    A picturesque spot to swim and play and sit a while in the shade 1997 - Silent Lake    A self-timer portrait of the whole family having supper 1997 - Silent Lake    Another self-timer portrait, this one on the beach 1998 - Turkey Point    Turkey Point gave us a weekend camping fix in a year when a family reunion claimed our vacation time. 1998 - Turkey Point    This is a good place to camp though you need to drive to get to the park's beach access. By this time we are starting to give the children their own tents (and ourselves some privacy)
1998 - Turkey Point    Playgrounds are still an attraction. 1998 - Turkey Point    There was lots of room on the Turkey Point beach for an afternoon swim and rest. 1999 - MacGregor Point    Thirteen years after our first visit, we went back to MacGregor Point. 1999 - MacGregor Point    The setup hasn't changed much. 1999 - MacGregor Point    The beaches are still good. 2000 - Samuel de Champlain    We were starting to look further afield now, to the north side of Algonquin Park
2000 - Samuel de Champlain    We could hear these river rapids from our campsite. 2000 - Samuel de Champlain    The history of this voyageur route on the Mattawa River was fascinating for us, and we relished the opportunity to go for a paddle in a voyageur-sized canoe. 2000 - Samuel de Champlain    Sunny but cool, a perfect day for camping 2000 - Samuel de Champlain    Another time for rest and reading, swimming and castle building 2000 - Samuel de Champlain    A spectacular rock face on the Mattawa River 2001 - Canisbay    By this time we were ready to try another campground in Algonquin Park. We went early in the season to camp as a family before seeing our eldest son off to his first summer sojourn in the north as an Ontario Ranger.
2001 - Canisbay    Canisbay is a lovely lake, though a bit less intimate than Pog. 2001 - Canisbay    We returned as a family to Ragged Falls. 2001 - Canisbay    The boardwalk trails in Algonquin are easy and enjoyable. 2001 - Long Point    At the end of summer, after our son's return, we spent a weekend camping at Long Point. 2001 - Long Point    This was our first experience setting up camp on what may as well be called a beach. This marks the appearance of our first Windstar and a new two-burner propane stove. 2001 - Long Point    Being so close to the lake was a treat, though I suspect bad weather or strong wind would change this opinion quickly. We have abandoned our Woods tent and borrowed a dome tent to try out.
2002 - Wakami Lake    Our son got a summer job with MNR at Wakami, so we decided join him for our summer holidays. 2002 - Wakami Lake    For this far away trip we kept our setup as simple as possible. 2002 - Wakami Lake    The MNR staff house at Wakami Lake 2002 - Wakami Lake    Out for a spin in a rented canoe 2003 - Lake Superior    Our son's next summer job was as at Rabbit Blanket Campground in Lake Superior Provincial Park. This is the furthest afield we've gone in Ontario for a camping holiday. 2003 - Lake Superior    Swimming in the mouth of the Sand River
2003 - Lake Superior    A rippled lake shows its texture in the light of a setting sun. 2003 - Lake Superior    Just north of the park is the Michipcoten River. There we paddled upstream, sometimes vigourously, for hours before allowing ourselves to be carried back to Lake Superior 2003 - Lake Superior    Some of the rocks in the park feature ancient drawings. 2003 - Lake Superior    Rabbit Blanket Lake on a misty morning 2003 - Wheatley    For a bit of extended family time again we came together in Wheatley Provincial Park on Lake Erie. 2003 - Wheatley    A new kitchen box has replaced the old one - this one fitted to house a set of five storage bins with lids.
2003 - Wheatley    A return to Point Pelee featured prominently again on this trip. 2004 - Grundy Lake    Grundy Lake had long been on our to-do list. 2004 - Grundy Lake    Smooth rocks slip out into view everywhere. 2004 - Grundy Lake    As always, more experiments in getting the best set-up for our canopy. The trick is always to keep rain water from pooling on the tarp. 2004 - Grundy Lake    Fascinating rock formations reflected in a glassy lake 2004 - Grundy Lake    Sunset on the beach
2004 - Grundy Lake    An outcropping of Canadian Shield on Gut Lake in the afternoon sun 2005 - Achray    After two camping holidays that year in the States, we resolved to return to Algonquin by ourselves in honour of our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. This was our first fall camping experience. We started out in Achray. 2005 - Achray    The Barron Canyon was not quite as spectacular as we had thought it might be. 2005 - Achray    But the cliffs were impressive none-the-less 2005 - Achray    Sunset on Grand Lake 2005 - Achray    We kept things as simple as possible.
2005 - Mew Lake    The fall colours were very disappointing in the eastern part of Algonguin (which is mostly coniferous) so we cut short our stay at Achray and headed west to Mew Lake Campground, one of the few campgrounds to remain open at this time of year 2005 - Mew Lake    A beautiful view of rock faces and blazing trees along highway 60 2005 - Mew Lake    Beached on the shore of Lake of Two Rivers, close to the highway, where the fall colours were good 2005 - Mew Lake    We were curious to see familiar haunts in the light of the fall season so we paddled down Lake of Two Rivers into Pog Lake and walked around the deserted campground for a while. 2006 - Selkirk    Church group camping brought us to Selkirk, with a collection of canoes. 2006 - Selkirk    Setting out for a paddle
2006 - Selkirk    A heron along the river bank 2006 - Selkirk    Colourful birds in a maple tree 2006 - Turkey Point    A late summer return to Turkey Point with the whole family 2006 - Turkey Point    A crowded campsite amongst the pines 2006 - Turkey Point    A mucky, marshy shoreline along Lake Erie 2006 - Turkey Point    But there is lots of nice beach at Turkey Point
2006 - Turkey Point    Solitary mushroom 2007 - Arrowhead    Right after school was out we headed to Arrowhead. 2007 - Arrowhead    Campsite 117 A picture of domesticity - having two tables is a luxury 2007 - Arrowhead    Water falls over the rocks from top . . . 2007 - Arrowhead    . . . to bottom
2007 - Bon Echo    An end of summer trip, back to Bon Echo 2007 - Bon Echo    Communing with Walt Whitman Chilling in Lake Mazinaw 2007 - Bon Echo    A busy beach 2007 - Bon Echo    Twenty years after seeing this view across the narrows (to the boat ramp, right side) for the first time, it is still spectacular. Dusk is approaching and we just make it back across before the dark settles in. 2008 - Pog Lake    We returned to Pog Lake for a fifth time with our two youngest.
2008 - Pog Lake    The view north from the dam on Pog River on a drizzly day, much the same as it was thirteen years ago 2008 - Pog Lake    Near the Rock Lake dam on a journey from Pog Lake to Whitney, this time with my daughter 2008 - Pog Lake    A turtle basking in the sun 2008 - Pog Lake    A lily resting serenely on the surface 2008 - Pog Lake    Roots in reflection 2008 - Pog Lake    Water droplets on a pine tree
2008 - Charleston Lake    A camping trip without children brought us for the first time to Charleston Lake. 2008- Charleston Lake    Our Charleston Lake campsite 2008- Charleston Lake    Loons on Charleston Lake 2008- Charleston Lake    A congregation of gulls on the rock 2008- Charleston Lake    Charleston Lake rock under a billowing cloud 2008- Charleston Lake    Charleston Lake sunset
2010 - Canisbay Lake    To celebrate thirty years of marriage we set out for Algonquin again, but this time with a twist - our first canoe-in camping experience. A full exposition of this wonderful stay on Canisbay Lake is available in the  Canoe Camping Gallery 2010 - Canisbay Lake    A moose within view of our Canisbay Lake campsite 2010 - Canisbay Lake    Early morning canoe trip through the lower reaches of Canisbay Lake 2010 - Canisbay Lake    Sunrise on Canisbay Lake 2012 - Kawartha Highlands    Our third experience of canoe-in camping was on Wolf Lake in Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. A more complete picture of this place can be found in the  Canoe Camping Gallery . 2012 - Kawartha Highlands    A morning view from the tip the peninsuala on which we camped
2012 - Kawartha Highlands    The bay next to our campsite peninsula which we had completely to ourselves 2012 - The Pinery    Fifty years after I first camped at the Pinery as a young child, we returned to enjoy this setting again with my extended family.  See  Ode to The Pinery  for more pictures from this special place. 2012 - Pinery    Looking down on our Pinery - Burley campground site 2012 - Pinery    A view from the Carolinian trail in the Pinery 2012 - Pinery    Mother and son out for a stroll along Lake Huron in the Pinery 2012 - Pinery    Here I face Lake Huron, the great lake of my youth.
2007 - Bon Echo    A tour of our campsite 2008 - Charleston Lake    A camping trip without children brought us for the first time to Charleston Lake.