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Topographical map

This topographical map (also synced with the other maps) provides an easy way to judge distance. Each square on a 1:50,0000 topographical map is a square kilometre. So the distance from the boat launch in the park to site 506 is around 1.5 km (or a mile). That will be an easy paddle. And the nearest cottages on Hedge Hog Island are half a kilometre away. This map is Westport 31 C/9 in the official Energy, Mines and Resources Edition 6. Search for 'Westport' or '031C09' on the GeoGratis website to get to the CanMatrix - Print Ready - 031C09 page where you can download a PDF or TIFF. Unfortunately the park straddles four maps (C9, C8, B12, B5) so getting a complete picture is time consuming. To find the map reference for any area of Ontario use the commercial site Maptown.