Newmaker Notes

Herman de Jong


Prison of Depression

I cannot pray, my Lord, I cannot pray...
I locked the door to you and
cannot find the key to open it.

Since childhood
-- now I lay myself to sleep --
you always heard,
but now You seem to rest
and slumber deep.

I know, my Lord, it isn't so!
You're always there, cupping Your ear
with nailtorn hand, resting the other
on your Father's arm, waiting...waiting

My prison has a door
which only locks
from the inside,
yet, I cannot escape.

My prison has a window,
a cross-barred, grimy window,
when night is gone,
my tumbling thoughts are gone,
I pull myself up on the bars
and look through the cross
longing for the dawn of grace.

I know that soon You will whisper:
My son, my son...long ago,
one day, long ago,
I saw you put your key
on the ledge of that cross...
did you forget?

Herman de Jong

About: Newmaker Notes - writings, photos and collections - by Henry J. de Jong. Newmaker is the spirit that drives a lifetime of creativity, and is a reflection of the Creator who continues to make all things new.