Taking the Long View

There’s no way to do time-lapse photography casually or on the spur of the moment. It takes planning, equipment, time, patience and specialized software. But it’s worth doing just for the way that it encapsulates experience rather than just a moment. Lying back to watch the clouds drift or the stars wheel is an age-old pastime that connects us viscerally with people of all times and places.

Timelapse Videos

These time-lapses are done on my Lumix camera, set on a tripod weighed down with a bag of rocks for stability, and activated at ~10 second intervals by time-lapse intervalometer.

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The Panorama Page

The Panorama Page

Taking the Wide View: These panoramas are mostly just casual, hand held affairs. taken on the spur of the moment to preserve a wide view that I found particularly appealing

Wolf Lake – 2012
Canoe Camping Album

Milford House, Nova Scotia – 2014

Bell Lake, Killarney – 2015

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