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Music is primarily an aural experience. But of the other senses, the visual is next in line. Listeners have long been fascinated with ‘watching’ the music – seeing musicians ‘get into it’ with body and soul, focusing on flying fingers, following along with a score, and reveling in synchronous dance movement. The eyes help to reveal the music – its substance and its structure.

On our watch, since the new millennium, technology has afforded us new possibilities for keeping an eye on music. I have been drawn to these whenever they’ve come to my attention, and have been bookmarking them for two decades. Here, finally, is a place where I can share my fascination. The music is almost all Bach.

By clicking the Title link you can watch the video in it’s full context (often with some preliminary ads). Or you can open the lightbox video player and skip the ads by clicking the picture. Please do share this collection with your musically inclined friends. Perhaps some of them will be able to help me expand the selection.

Also in the list of churches where he played are; St. George St. United in Aylmer, Our Savior Lutheran in Port Huron, Congregational Church in Port Huron, St. George’s Anglican in Sarnia, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian In Sarnia, Second and Redeemer CRC in Sarnia, Trinity and Covenant CRC in St. Catharines and St. John’s Anglican in Thorold. Earlier on, from the age of eleven, he played in the Blijham and Winschoten churches until he emigrated from the Netherlands to Canada at the age of 21.

Unfortunately, there is no video record of my father playing the organ outside of family hymn sings in our living room. So the vision of our memories will have to suffice.

From the Jan Overduin YouTube Channel.

From the gerubach YouTube Channel, home of the “Scrolling Bach Project”, aiming to provide “a free online library of Bach’s entire collection of his compositions in a scrolling format.”

From the Paul Barton YouTube Channel, featuring a wealth of his paintings and piano performances – many melded with their scrolling scores. Among these are Bach’s Preludes and Fugues 1-48, Complete Two Part Inventions and Sinfonias, Goldberg Variations, and much more.

From the Digital Bach YouTube Channel, recently constructed to feature visualizations originally posted on bach.nau.edu. It includes the 48 fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier, as well as a visually (text and graphic) augmented performance of the entire St. Matthew Passion.

From Stephen Malinkowski’s smalin YouTube Channel which features the “Music Animation Machine”. The music animations are innumerable, and many of them are of Bach, including the Brandenburgs, Art of the Fugue, Well-Tempered Clavier and Goldberg Variations.

This page of descriptions and analyses complements Stephen Malinkowski’s “Music Animation Machine” versions of The Art of the Fugue.

From the Rousseau YouTube Channel, featuring a wealth of modern, Romantic, Classical and Baroque music brought to life with his “reactive visualizer”.

A comparative animation from Stephen Malinkowski’s smalin YouTube Channel featuring the “Music Animation Machine”.

From Jos Leys YouTube Channel, which is devoted to animations, music only incidentally.

From Alexander Chen’s Vimeo page of  interactive, musical works.

Another one from the Music Animation Machine.

A one-off visualization from Shawn Feeney’s Vimeo Page.

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