Jubilee Fellowship CRC – The Living Vine Panorama
Panorama photos by Henry de Jong, 2010

The Living Vine Panorama

This panorama of Jubilee Fellowship’s worship space was taken just after Christmas, 2010.
The mural, wrapping around the back, takes up more than half of the panorama.

Hover over the hot spots in the panorama to see a detail view tooltip.
Click the hot spot to open a large popover view, along with some descriptions
of panels and the process of making them.

Worship Renewal Project
of Jubilee Fellowship Christian Reformed Church,

This mural project was made possible through a Worship Renewal Grant from the
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Grand Rapids, MI,
with funds provided by the Lily Endowment Fund. Inc.

Panorama Viewer

This iPanorama 360 viewer plugs into WordPress and offers an easy way to display the panoramas that I’ve been taking, off and on, since 1974. For a full screen view of the panorama click on the double arrow icon, lower right.

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