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Psalm 138

Music by The Psalm Project
Photos & Video by Henry de Jong
July, 2014


Mostly from Ontario Provincial Parks


With all my heart I thank you, LORD.
I sing your praise before the angels.
Humbly I bow and bless your name.
Your love is true and never changes.
Your word, your name, is over all.
You are the LORD, high and exalted.
When I cried out you answered me.
Your strength has made my soul undaunted.

Kings of the earth shall praise you, LORD.
They have all heard your wondrous story.
Yes, they will sing what they have heard:
"Great is the LORD and great his glory."
Yet though I live in troubled times,
you keep me safe from all my enemies.
Your perfect love will never die.
LORD, finish what you started in me.

>Words: Lee Ann Vermeulen-Roberts, 2010.
Music: Eelco Vos, based on the tune for Psalm 138 in the Genevan Psalter, 1551.
© 2010, The Psalm Project


In the beginning
God created
and people made music
to celebrate.

Psalm 138,
a song of David,
sung through the ages:

"Il faut que de tous mes esprits" Geneva, 1551
"Vermelden, Heer, U dank bewijzen." The Netherlands, 1773
"O Herre mein, dein lob ich preise" Germany, 1579
"and praise you for your love unfailing" 1991
"Iczer teged tellyes fzivem" Hungary, 1607
"Srdcem celym tebe Papne" Czechoslovakia, 1615

Like a rock in shifting sand
is this song from the heart.

One song,
one Lord,
for a thousand times and places,
in the risings and settings of lives,
past and present.
The Psalm Project
added this voice to Psalm 138.

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